UTM does not require a jailbreak to use, but you must sideload it. If you are new to sideloading, it is a way to use a developer’s certificate to load unapproved apps on a non-jailbroken iOS device. There are a few limitations to sideloading:

  • Free developer accounts must re-sign every 7 days
  • Paid developer accounts must re-sign every 1 year
  • iOS 13.3.1 has a signing bug with free accounts, you can use any lower or higher iOS version


The recommended way is to use AltStore which manages re-signing automatically.

AltStore Repository

Note: at this time, 3rd party repos require a beta of AltStore which is available only to the developer’s Patreon supporters. When installing from the repository, you can recieve update prompts from AltStore.

  1. Install AltStore
  2. Add the source: https://alt.getutm.app
  3. Download UTM from AltStore

AltStore Sideloading

For non beta-testers, the public release of AltStore lacks the ability to add repositories and check updates but can still manage re-signing automatically.

  1. Install AltStore
  2. Download the latest IPA release on your device
  3. Open the IPA with AltStore

Manual Install

You can download the latest unsigned IPA release from Github.

If you are jailbroken, you can install the unsigned IPA directly with Filza. You should not re-sign it.

If you are running stock iOS, a free and easy way to re-sign an IPA is with iOS App Signer. Then you can install it with iTunes, Music app, or Xcode.

There are many “cloud” signing services including AppCake that do not work with UTM because they use the wrong kind of signing certificate. If you get a crash while trying to start a VM, it is likely that your signing certificate was invalid.

You can check if you have the right signing certificate by going to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management. If the certificate used for signing UTM is listed under Developer App, then it is good. If it is listed under anything else such as Enterprise App, then it is the wrong certificate.

Help and Support

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